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Thread: Temperature sensor in honeywell trv

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    Default Temperature sensor in honeywell trv

    Newbie here... we just had our evohome installed today. I've set up my schedule and temperatures etc but the temperature the valves are detecting seems off.
    I have put a standalone sensor right next to the valve and it seems to be about 2c out.
    I know my little thermometer could be out instead of the valve, but if we are sat by the radiator wearing jumpers and not sweating i can't believe it 24c.
    Anyone know if this is normal or a fault?
    Thanks 😊

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    Lots of discussion threads on here about this to read through if you have a browse...

    But in summary, the sensor in the HR92 will always read a bit higher than the room temperature (by 1-2C is typical) when the radiator is hot because, well, it is sitting right beside a hot radiator mounted on top of a hot water carrying valve body... There is a calibrate option in the HR92 settings menu - just set it to -1 or -2 as needed to offset the reading from the sensor. (I use -1C on some of mine, which makes it read 1C less than it otherwise would have, as a result the room gets 1C warmer for the same scheduled set point)

    In some circumstances the sensor in a TRV can't accurately measure the room temperature - for example if the radiator is boxed in, if the HR92 is covered by a curtain, if there isn't free airflow across the floor to the HR92 (for example if it's in a corner with a sofa nearby blocking free airflow) etc... in these cases the best option is to use a remote wall mounted sensor for that zone. More cost and complexity but a remote sensor really does work a lot better. Five of my eight zones use remote sensors.
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