Now that people have started to receive their SSM (R) based devices, I thought I would start up a thread in an attempt to help people get started to monitor or control their Evohome, using the radio interface.
A lot more is possible via the radio interface than is allowed by the Evohome app.

The biggest advantage of the radio interface is that everything is local and you are no longer relying on the Internet app API to pull data from the Resideo servers.

The SSM (R) has been tested and works out of the box with Domoticz and Home Assistant.

There are a few differences between the SSM (R) and the HGI80, that you need to be aware of.
The SSM(R) will start off with a firmware version number string. The HGI80 does not do that. This is probably the biggest difference. But both Domoticz and Home Assistant can deal with this.

The SSM(R) is configured to work with any application in exactly the same way as the HGI80 would have been. This is also the advantage of the SSM (R) over the NanoCUL. The NanoCUL has to be used at slower baud rates because it cannot scope with the speeds.

Now let's see what people do with it.