Trying to understand how the warm weather saver logic works.

All rooms have warm weather saver activated and it works great, particularly last week when it was hot. Only had the system a couple of months so this is only my first summer with it.

Anyway I have 2 rooms, both have the same time schedule, and both are set to 18c during the day, and 10c over night. Timings both the same as noted. However one of the rooms is currently at a temperature of 18.5c, and warm weather saver has activated, the other is slightly higher at 19c though warm weather saver has not been activated. Why is this?

If one of the rooms was going to switch to warm weather saver you’d assume it was going to be the room which was registering a temp of 19c, but this is not the case. As mentioned all settings are exactly the same and warm weather saver activated on both these rooms.

This has happened quite a bit with other rooms too over the past few days, rooms activating warm weather saver, but others not activating, though looking at settings you expect the rooms to have switched to warm weather saver.

So what’s the logic?