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Thread: Alexa and Yamaha Music Cast

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    Default Alexa and Yamaha Music Cast

    A few days ago I typed a nice, well crafted explanation of my system, and my question..then tried to post it from my iPhone..which then told me "token expired" and it lost my post....

    So no explanation here ..just the question...

    Alexa question... Controlling Yamaha MusicCast Skill

    I have the MusicCast Skill on Alexa..and I can tell Alexa "Tell MusicCast Volume Up/ Down in living Room" and it all works fine

    So the Skill is setup correctly.

    But I can't figure out how / what command word to use to "Activate" the MusicCast Room Presets"

    Currently I have to:
    first tell Alexa to turn on my devices, (via X-10 HA-Bridge integration)... Alexa Turn on Morning Radio
    ...that turns on my three house Music Cast Amplifiers from the X-10 appliance modules

    then after that speak to my phone
    with Siri via an iPhone Shortcut and the MusicCast App, to run the " Morning Radio" Siri ..Morning Radio"

    Would be nice to do the whole lot form Alexa.

    Any ideas?
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