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Thread: Anyone using Shelly EM for electricity monitoring?

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    Default Anyone using Shelly EM for electricity monitoring?

    Like a number of us I was a user of Loop for gas and electricity monitoring before they decided to shutdown the service for the legacy monitors.

    I did take them up on the new electricity monitor but the features of the app are fairly limited and its still only a battery powered current clamp - hence not very accurate if the voltage or power factor wanders too far from nominal values since it can't measure them.

    I've recently bought a "Shelly 1" WiFi switch to do a DIY upgrade on my "dumb" wall mounted EVSE / EV charge point, effectively providing it most of the features of a much more expensive smart charger, and I have been very impressed by the functionality of the device and have started looking at the rest of their range of products and spotted the Shelly EM:

    This is a mains powered dual input WiFi connected power meter which uses one or two external current clamps which can be either 50A or 120A. Because it connects to 240v to power itself it is able to measure the voltage accurately and also the phase between voltage and current to derive the power factor. This would immediately make it more accurate than a current clamp which can only guess the voltage and power factor. Being mains powered there is no battery to go flat, and there is no proprietary receiver needed - it just connects to normal 2.4Ghz WiFi.

    The two channel facility interests me in particular because I could use one channel to measure the whole house power use as the Loop does now, (up to 100A using the 120A clamp) and the 2nd channel to measure the car charging use only, (up to 32A using the 50A clamp) as that has its own separate small consumer unit on the same wall so the two current sensors could easily reach the two different cables that they would need to measure.

    They seem to provide good API support to poll the devices for data, unlike Loop. Anyway, just wondered if anyone else was using any of the Shelly products for electricity monitoring or home automation for that matter. I'm thinking of getting some more to make our currently manually switched outdoor lights able to be remote controlled and scheduled while still retaining the switch for manual override. At 10 a pop for the Shelly 1 it's not bad pricing to do so!
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