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Thread: Problem fitting Evohome TRV to radiator pipe

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    Default Problem fitting Evohome TRV to radiator pipe

    I'm planning to buy a Honeywell Evohome starter pack for my house, after having a new boiler installed. There are 8 radiators in the house, but I only need to control 5 of them with radiator controllers, as 3 are in rooms where the heating is rarely used (the rads in there are usually turned to the lowest setting). My problem is that one of the radiators I do want to control has a pipe that bends back slightly toward the wall. I don't think I'll be able to attach an HR924UK to it. Is there a way to at least control the times this radiator heats up using Evohome? Grateful for any suggestions.


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    If it fits it should work okay, but how about the other end? Many TRV bodies are 4-way and can be used on flow or return end of the radiator. A lock shield might look less obvious on the jaunty angled pipe?

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    Just judging by eye there is no way an HR92 will fit on that squinty TRV valve body without being fouled by the wall.

    If the other end of the radiator is the same, (or the valves are not bidirectional) you'll need to get someone to install that radiator properly with the correct bracket spacing this time rather than bodging it...

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