Hi, just ordered a couple more evo home TRV replacements for my older system (evo home colour screen, but with the extra wifi shark fin style hub)
I saw the newer wifi controller and wondered whether the newer firmware upgradeable version is likely to be any ‘better’?? (Not found any definitive answer reading through here and just ended up going ‘down the rabbit hole’ with regards to automation that I never did do years ago after joining!)

I see it has a few extras - outdoor temp giving ‘warm weather saver’ - which sounds similar to my IFTTT that I have set for switching heating on/off dependant on outdoor temp being 21 degrees or higher/lower than 16deg etc.

‘Cold weather boost’ - which doesn’t sound like it’ll save me any money on my heating bills - so not bothered about that one…🤣🤣

Is there any benefit to the new one (my systems working fine and having no issues with it over past 8-10 years😁👍&#127995