Since the demise of IFTTT support of Life360 I've been searching for a way to deactivate/activate economy mode when the first family member enters the house/last family member leaves the house. Searching the internet several people refer to using SmartThings but without any comprehensive guide. My EH is now functioning in this manner and I thought I'd share. Its a bit more convoluted than with Life360 - but it works.

You will need SmartThings installed using the same account on all devices you wish to include in the geofence, plus a single version of IFTTT (free version is fine). You do NOT need a SmartThings hub.

The basic theory is that you set your home location on SmartThings, create a simulated switch that you then grant IFTTT access to. The switch can then be used as a IFTTT trigger to activate/deactivate economy mode on the EvoHome. Steps as follows:

1. Install SmartThings and log in using the same credentials for every device you wish to use
2. Create your location - click the home button in the top left corner of the SmartThings mobile app, and click manage locations. Create your home location with the appropriate geofence area
3. Visit graph.api.smartthings and create the simulated switch using this guide (please note, at step 15 where you reference the hub, simply leave blank
4. Locate your newly created switch under 'Devices' on the app (you may have to scroll across to the right if it has not been assigned a room). Assign to a room and then click into the switch and edit via the 3 dots at the top right of the app. Change the name. This step is needed due to a bug that otherwise doesn't allow you to assign the switch to an automation
5. Create the automation. Click on the automation menu and add an automation (not a scene/smart app)
6. On the If condition, select Member Location. under Who, highlight all the devices, under Where confirm this is your home location, under When, click Away from (name of location). Under Where click any phone or tablet away from my home (obviously for activating eco mode). Save and then enter the Then menu
7. Click control devices and select the simulated switch you created. Click Next and select whether you want the switch on or off (remember which).
8. Log into IFTTT and link IFTTT to SmartThings
9. Return to the SmartThings Automation screen and you should see a smart app called IFTTT. Enter the smart app and grant IFTTT access to the switch you created.
10. Create you own script in IFTTT using the SmartThings switch as the trigger and control the evohome as you previously would have done using Life360 as the trigger.

Repeat the process but in reverse for activating the heating when you return home

Good luck