Hi All quite here lately, hope your networks are working well.

I've been revising my heating controls - adding more radiator valves in rooms so nearly per-room zoning.
Few questions:
1/ How can I tell if the "achieve minimum load" feature is working? I think it is but no messages in the boiler or zone valve object logs
2/ can I add hotwater to the loading?
3/ What is the best way to tell a Zone valve from a Slave valve - I've used both - only way I can see is the connections menu left panel "slave to these devices" ... but behaviour menu looks the same??
4/ what's teh best way to fire the heating / change set-point on the the half hour or eg when the morning alarm goes? AS part of a timed macro or an alarm macro?
5/ Zones are occupied on the delayed-occupied signal (+5mins) thermal valves take ~5mins to fire ... so heating doesn't start for 10mins ... is there away of making this 5 mins if room continuously occupied?
6/ related to the above if popping between rooms (eg morning / evening bed and bathrooms) the delayed presence isn't being activated ... best way to solve
7/ if I trigger the "presence overide" it announces to the whole house even though broadcast is off?

Actually that's quite a list

Feel free to share ideas on any.

Thanks all