Good evening all. Having tried searching the forums for similar threads I have an inkling I am going to be disapointed with the present state of the art for automating electric heating. However here's my dilemna.....

My daughter has an apartment with 13amp fused spurs connecting a 3kw immersion heater, 2 x 1kw and 1 x 3kw panel heaters, and a 400w towel rail. To my astonishment, there seems no suitable smart fused spur outlets available that can switch upto 13amps load.

LightwaveRF manufacture a 13amp spur, but amazingly it is not fused so cannot be used for the purpose they advertise it for! I have tried talking to LightwaveRF but they aren't interested in fusing the spur they manufacture. Very odd because it could be a blockbuster product! I would immediately buy probably ten of them if they made them.

What's going on in the industry when there's tens of thousands of apartments out there with electric water and space heating but no home automation systems readily available to control them?

Is there any half sensible way that we can automate my daughter's water and space heating using off the shelf equipment? Apple Home compatibility would be nice but a simple iOS app driven system would suffice. Thanks for the input.