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    Default Self Build Project

    hi all,

    firstly i am aware of all the post on here on newbies (like myself) asking which way to go down the home automation route but i still need to make my own post and post a few of my questions to try and figure out what will be best for me.

    iv just purchased an old farm house property which i have recieved planning permission to demolish and build a new 4 bedroom home.

    i am very interested in wiring my new house so that i can automate almost everthing in it.

    after reading many websites and posts on this website i am lost as to what route to take, X-10, C-Bus or something else.........?

    heres what i want to be able to do:-

    1. Control all lighting by a main PC, wall switched and possible two touchscreen panels mounted in hallway and kitchen.

    2. Control Security and Heating with Pc and above mentioned touchscreen panels.

    3. Multiroom audio and video from a server (not my main DVD player, plasma etc in lounge, as i want to keep this seperate.)

    4. Control front electric gates.

    I would also possible like to use HAL2000 if possible and if recommended by you guys...........

    i have several other questions to ask, but i dont want to ask too much too soon

    i own my own electrical wholesalers ltd. business by the way, so have rock bottom prices of cable etc..........

    would appreciate any advice.......

    thanks in advance

    mark w

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    Default Re: Self Build Project

    These post might answer some of your questions;
    For Alarms:
    X10 or Cbus etc

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    Hi Mark.

    As a middle ground between X10 and Cbus you could have a look at IHC from Square D.

    This is an excellent and cost effective system that will allow you to control most of what you want via buttons and PC, although a little integration will be needed to get it onto a touch screen. We are currently working on adding it to a IP music system called NetStreams with offers touch screens to control the music throughout the house. If we can add it this will give us a very powerful and integrated system.

    Chris (trade)
    NOW PART OF INVISION UK, One of the leading home technology distributors to the CI Market.

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    Default Re: Self Build Project


    Check out for a synopsis of our system and its features.

    We do not do hi-fi or video streaming stuff ourselves nor touch screen interfaces (yet) but these can be integrated. The rest we do very well indeed :-)


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    Default Re: Self Build Project

    Take a look at our web site for details on the Leviton A/V server.

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