Hey all some help please? I have had help already but not too sure after reading up, if it will do what I want.

1. Distribute audio/video around the house between 5 rooms, (sky plus, Terrestrial, DVD, DAB digital radio) and be able to control it from anywhere, for example if my wife is watching dvd downstairs, I can watch Sky plus up-stairs.

2. Distribute my Pc screen around to the same five rooms so I can watch Divx movies straight from my hard drive.

3. All rooms + two bathrooms to have speakers in, to listen to mp3, DAB and TV as before. Different audio in different rooms possibly? Rooms to have volume controls on the wall possibly?

4. Be able to control lighting systems/dimmers by remote and or automation,

5. I want the radio to come on over the ceiling speakers and my lights to go on to wake me up for work.

I am looking for a cost effective solution for this that I will be able to integrate further systems into it as funds become available e.g Alarm system. Is this a lot to ask, am I looking at megabucks? I am a structured cabling installer so I can do all installation myself. What sort of price will I be looking at for this type of system? I donít want top level gear, just good gear. Looking for a cheap system that works and is reliable. What software/hardware is good to use?

I have been informed that X10 maybe the way to go for the lighting and abitana for distribution, but can they perform all these functions. I could not work out if it did or not.
I know its long winded, but any help would be greatly appreciated guys