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Thread: Homebrew Enhanced Cold Weather Boost

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    Default Homebrew Enhanced Cold Weather Boost

    Hi all,

    May or may not be of interest but I live in an oldish house that isn't as efficient as it could be. I have implemented cold weather boost which is ok but I've found that it doesn't work too well in our house.

    What I was noticing was

    1. The outside temp on the controller sometimes wasn't showing as cold as AccuWeather on the web or mobile app. This sometimes meant that the boost was slow to kick in.

    2. The outside temp on AccuWeather didn't seem to accurately correlate to the heating requirements on the house. Something that I did notice was that AccuWeather's realfeel temp seemed more accurate at least for my home.

    So I still have cold weather boost enabled to kick in at 10c and boost by 0.5c (1c was too much for me at a specific outside temp) but today I've added a new feature using Azure Logic Apps, AccuWeather's API and IFTTT along with the eco/boost mode on evohome.

    It's pretty simple, it calls the AccuWeather API every hour between 6am and 11pm and providing the outside temperature is below X degrees (currently 12c in testing) it then looks at the difference between temperature and realfeel temperature. If the realfeel temperature is more than Y degrees (4c at present) below the actual temperature then it triggers the evohome, via IFTTT, to enable eco/boost for 1 hour. Eco/boost is set to add 0.5c to all zones when it's on. So now, zones enabled for cold weather boost get an extra 0.5c when there's a reasonable difference between temp and realfeel temp.

    Happy to share more details if people are interested. It might not be relevant for many though I guess.

    I also created a hot water boost feature using Alexa so I'm feeling quite productive today....


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    Hi spence189,

    Sounds like a pretty good Homebrew to me. A worthy contribution for any Evohome users with similar needs. Well done on your offering.

    Cheers back to you.

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    Please share more details.

    Cold Weather Boost is so not smart. Like you I dialled it back to 0.5C because more than that seems too much at just below 10C outside. But if it gets really cold, a little more could be appreciated

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