2 questions!!

1) I am using the scion system to send AV around my house over CAT5e. The Scion has two IR outputs for control of the equipment in Node0. I was wondering if its possible to get a IR splitter that splits into more than two IR emitters? I'm looking for at least a 3 way one? Or maybe would a blaster be a better option? Any sujestions?

2) The scion uses a scart connection very like Keiths KAT5 modules. I am using one to transmit to my projecter but i would like to move the IR eye to over the projector screen. I was thinking of getting a 3.5 jack(if thats what is called!) to rj45 then rj45 to the eye if possible. Or instructions on how to make them?? Can i just cut the cable connect each cable (how? just use connectors?) in the IR lead to the cat5 then do the same on the other end?