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Thread: Newbie Heating Problems - Help!!

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    Default Newbie Heating Problems - Help!!


    I currently have a problem with my current convectional system- the heating kicks on and off okay, but if I switch both the heating and hot water on, everything shuts off. If I switch just the hot water on, nothing happens.

    This wasn't a problem until a heating engineer just fitted a new motorised valve and pump, and it hasn't worked properly since! The system is old (20 years), and they recommended replacing it (and are claiming that as they recommended replacing it, they are not responisible and can't guarantee any work they did do) therefore them coming out to fix something that wasn't broke until they touched it is going to cost me.

    I'm totally new to all this, so unsure if I'm being hosed, or if I'm expecting an unrealistic resolution.

    Many questions!
    Short term:
    Is the problem likely to be the motorised valve or the on/off clock?

    Long term:
    What is a reasonable quote for fitting a replacement combi boiler and stripping out the old tanks, boiler etc?
    Are combi boilers compatible with power showers?

    Is that standard practice for a company to indemnify themselves from work done, by stating "we recommended you to get a new one, so we're not responsible for what we did"?

    I've just sponked 500 yesterday and am in a worse position than I started. I'm looking for a minimal cost to the short term problem as the whole thing is likely to be ripped out and replaced. Help!

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    Default Re: Newbie Heating Problems - Help!!

    It sounds if the valve has been fiited wrongly. Its probably a wiring issue. Or the plumber may have connected the boiler flow to the wrong side of the valve and either the HW or CH to the other side.
    This link might help you

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    Default Re: Newbie Heating Problems - Help!!

    I would be more or less certain that the wiring has been incorrectly connected if this was a replacement valve. If they added a new valve then it could be the plumbing connections.

    I would contact the company who installed it & ask them to check that they have installed it correctly if they refuse contact trading standards.

    If they thought the system was to old they should have advised that it wasn't economically viable to repair.

    However from the description you have given it is incorrectly connected.

    A lot of plumbing & gas engineers have very little understanding of electrical & electronic circuits, notice I said a lot not all engineers.

    I am a qualified electrician & electronic engineer and 20 years ago I got so fed up following gas engineers around to rectify connections to control panels, that I trained & qualified as a gas engineer & have been corgi registered since then.
    P.S. I am a commercial engineer not domestic.

    P.P.S. I apologise in advance to any plumber or gas engineer if my comments offend you

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