After trying Active Home, HomeSeer and many other Linux/DOS/Windows X10 apps I was unable to find the X10 control software that I felt would meet my own demanding needs. Consequently I eventually gave up searching and am now developing my own X10 software from scratch.

Although I have access to several interfaces including CM11U (PC), XM10U (TW523) + TWSERIAL. I am currently focusing on the TWSERIAL setup first for the simple reason that I needed an application which met my needs now and I didn't want to spend time understanding the CM11U.

My X10 application is being developed to be cross platform: DOS/Win32 and most likely Linux. In brief this is what I have developed so far:
  • + X10 packet sniffer capability with reception of all X10 house/unit codes
    + Verbose/non-verbose debug output on X10 packet sniffer
    + Coloured output to allow distance reading (e.g. red = off, green = on)
    + Basic support for transmission of multiple different X10 housecodes
    + Basic support for X10 code remapping, e.g if A1 received then retransmit as P2
    + Support for shelling applications on X10 codes, e.g. email client, scripts
    + Support for external/internal relay controllers via IO or BUS ports
    + Proper installation/removal software

In addition to the above I have also previously written an automation tool for Ericsson mobile phones which I am thinking about merging into this X10 tool and then adding new code for Nokia for my own purposes.

Reply to this message if the above sounds of interest as I will be happy to start to share a version of my software once I have cleaned it up a bit more added some basic documentation. I need some beta testers! :-)

P.S I am planning to attend UK Home Automation 2004 with a friend or two