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Thread: Evohome Hot Water Issue

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    Default Evohome Hot Water Issue

    Hi all,

    Iíve been running hot water on my evohome with minimal issues, for a good five years. Only issues I have had are when the batteries have run low and there is no warning.

    I replaced the batteries before I went on a trip a few months ago, just in case the family was left with no hot water, and all has been fine, until the last couple of days.

    Iíve notice the water has been getting like warm at best, still getting increased temperature reading although very slow, and not seeming to get to temperature dispute the water being warm.

    Tonight I replaced the batteries in the controller and when I removed the batteries the valve seemed to move into fail safe mode.

    If I reduce the temperature control on the front of the cylinder, it all seems to work as expected and turn off the boiler and shut the valve. Turn it back up, and the boiler fires again and the valve opens.

    Has anyone seen issues like this before? Is it a dud sensor or relay box?

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    So a little bit more on this. Tonight I have done some investigation workÖ

    Iíve pulled the head of the zone valve, and checked the valve itself and everything moves freely.

    The relay turns on, clicks the actuator and the valves open.

    Hot water is definitely flowing to the tank.

    The boiler fires to get the water temperature to 62degs, then shuts of, with the water still flowing. When the temp drops to 52, the boiler fires again.

    Itís taken about 15 mins for the water temp to move from 37 to 44.

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