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Thread: Dual heat demand relays on evohome?

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    Question Dual heat demand relays on evohome?

    Has anyone figured out a way to have evohome activate heat demand relay "1" for group 1 of zones, and heat demand relay "2" for group 2 of zones?

    I'm looking at heat pump design for my house with LLH separating primary and secondary side, separately pumped secondary-side F+R circuits for upstairs and downstairs. Heat pump's controller takes care of pump speeds and temperatures. But we need a way to have evohome tell the heat pump's controller "upstairs needs heat" vs "downstairs needs heat" so it turns on the right secondary pump.

    I could buy a second evo controller and re-bind the upstairs HR92's to that controller. effectively two independent systems, each individually and independently talking to the HP controller.
    replicating my pre-evo setup when we had separate upstairs and downstairs zones (S plan plus) and two room stats on the hall and landing. Not a nice workaround though.

    obviously the evohome controller has the capability to control more than one demand relay, but its design to have those as different functions DHW and CH. Setting those up as CH1 and CH2 doesn't seem to be a thing in the installer settings or the manuals?

    does the HCE80 UFH controller have this capability? it looks to me like it could in theory based on the hardware, but is probably not capable of being configured that way?

    or would I be better to have Home Assistant as the brain - it knows via its evohome integration the zone temps and whether they are calling for heat or not, so with a suitable automation written within HA to monitor that, aggregate them up into two bundles, each bundle switching a relay on an output board from my HA box, I could probably home-brew it?


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    I think you will need another Evo controller.

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