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Thread: Desktop not displaying weather info after reboot.

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    Default Desktop not displaying weather info after reboot.

    Had a full day of weather info via Desktop.

    Added both weather and desktop to startup folder, shut down and went home.

    Come in this morning and both apps start but desktop will not show weather info - just the sea/sunset picture frame.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Desktop not displaying weather info after reboot.


    Assuming both apps started up correctly and weather had data within it's own window( no the xAP Desktop) panel, then the most likly cause is a communication problem. All xAP apps communitate over one network port and only one application per pc can access this port. If you only have one application per pc then it's not an issue but as you have two on one pc then it is. A xAP Hub is what you need to install, it will allow many apps to share the one xAP port. The usual way to run the hub is as a windows service, assuming your running 2000,2k3 or xp. One installed you can jsut forget about it and all will work.

    What probably happened is that you originally started xAP Desktop first and it became the only application that could receive. Weather which was started later wasn't able to receive but could send and as such you the data in Desktop. Next time you rebooted Weather probably started first and became the only app that could receive and Desktop became deaf.

    You can grab a suitable hub here:



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