ActiveHome Version 1.42 (release v2.0) appears to have a bug under the "Find Other Computers" option. If a "All Units Off" is sent from another controller set to the M housecode it appears that Active Home doesn't notice! If anyone else has a newer version of Active Home I would be greatful if you could test to see if this bug still still exists prior to me officially reporting it to marmitek.

Note: I found this bug when testing my own X10 software and sitting with a screw driver sending all the other house codes from another controller! My software sees the "All Units Off" house code ok, so it's definately a bug which I have succesfully recreated several times after rebooting units etc.

In addition whilst in "Find Other Computers" which automatically updates on the detection of new transmissions. I found that I have been able to send X10 codes from another controller which ActiveHome does notice and then X10 codes from my own application which appear to be stealth as far as ActiveHome is concerned as it doesn't notice. I believe this stealthness is due to a bug in my own code however I am not currently 100% sure !!!

Regards Rich