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Thread: Battery life of motion sensors

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    Default Battery life of motion sensors


    I have set up a couple of motion sensors (I have one at the top of the stairs to put the light on after dark, and one in the kitchen when i am away that the cat sets of to create "random" light switching to deter burglars).
    I am very pleased with their performance, however after a few weeks, the battery is showing signs that it is running down.

    The real question is -

    Is there a permanent power option for motion sensing? or shall I home brew a psu for them?

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    Default Re: Battery life of motion sensors

    The batteries should last at least six months. I use lithium batteries from Energiser. These last at least two to three times longer than their alkaline counterparts. Don't use rechargeables, I used some for testing and they lasted about 5 weeks. There is no reason why you can't hack the motion sensors so they are powered from a 3v PSU. IF you can't get the energiser lithiums then the Varta photo range of Alkalines are pretty good. For the wireless alarms I install I use the GP make of Alkalines or the Varta photo range. The GPs can be hard to find.

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