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Thread: sealed central heating pressure problem

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    Default sealed central heating pressure problem

    I have a recently installed sealed system (Keston 25) with Boss presurised bottle.

    The problem is that after a couple of weeks the pressure is lost (from 1.5 bar to 0) in 2 hours which means continuously re-pressurising and it shuts down overnight. The plumber says it is due to a leakage in the old pipework (he used the old radiator network pipes for the new rads). he has put leak-seal liquid into system wthout any joy.

    His proposal is now to dig up the old pipes and replace them or seal as necessary, at great cost.

    After a few run ins with the plumber Im not sure I can trust his judgement.

    Can you advise as to whether it could be something else in the installation process that may save me time and money ?


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    Default Re: sealed central heating pressure problem

    Normally on these systems there is a pressure relieif valve. If this is leaking then the system won't maintain pressure. Sometimes the vavle is connected to what looks like an overflow pipe which then goes to the outside of the house. Just check to see if this is wet, or dripping. You may have to slightly repressurise the system again.
    Why not ask another plumber, a second oppinion is always a good idea.

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