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Thread: Reliable IR -> X10 receivers ?

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    Default Reliable IR -> X10 receivers ?

    Hi all,

    I bought an IR7243W from lets automate some time ago.

    Although it serves me well to control my devices, I've found that it occasionally locks up when receiving IR commands.

    My understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) is that some devices do genuinly exhibit this behaviour... perhaps it's a 'feature' of X10 controllers. THe only work around is to get off the sofa and manually flick the switch... not very wife friendly!

    I wish to get something a little more reliable.... I plan to implment curtain control and I would like something which is consistent on every occasion to pass WAF.

    Could any of you suggest a controller which works reliably ? The ability to accept / send discretes would be a nice bonus.

    Note that I also own a Xantech touchscreen device which I'm in the process of programming. I will eventually integrate this in with X10 so it would be better if any X10 receiver device would accept the IR directly through a cable rather than through a flashing wand.

    Although I've looked at the Ocelot contoller (and heard great things about it), I don't want to mess around with down scaling Xantech's 12 V IR output to Ocelot's 5V. I realise this may narrow down my options to Xantech's own proprietry X10 controller... but is there anything else out there ?

    Your X10 receiver experience would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Reliable IR -> X10 receivers ?

    The Xantech option is quite good idea as you already have the touchscreen. With the Xantech X10 module you also have the ability to do proper scene lighting control, and if you press play on the DVD it can then send out siganals for the lights to dim and the curtains to close etc.
    Another option is to get a TM13 RF X10 transceiver. Couple this with a philips pronto remote and you have quite a good handheld remote solution.
    See Simply Automate @ they can also provide the pronto file to control X10 devices. Which you can then edit to suit your own devices.
    At the moment I use an Marmitex 8in1 universal remote, the X10 is sent as IR and RF. I use the RF via a TM13, and it works very well.
    I also use a 10" Viewsonic Airpanel for some of the control. This looks cool as you can use it to access the PC as well via the remote desktop so I can browse the internet while sitting in my arm chair, and still turn on the lights. Got mine off ebay.

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