Can you help me with configuration and hard wire diagram. Please let me know what equipment I will need to buy.

I currently have Sky TV with a large package and intend to upgrade to Sky plus and take the offer for Multi room. What i wish to do is pipe the signals from both the sky + and current sky receiver to the other rooms in my house. Meaning that we can watch different channels on either receiver whilst recording another on sky plus. My original intention was to buy a loftbox but after reading piping TV around the house an e book I bought of satcure I am totally confused. It appears that only a maximum of two LNB signals can be put through loftbox

Ok here is where I am I have run the following coax cables to the attic as follows

Sky plus room 4 cables

Return (RF)

Normal Sky Box Room


All other rooms (5) have one coax cable running to them.

Note I believe the two returns I have run from the two rooms with the receivers is wrong as I read about diasy chaining so i guess that the return need to go from Sky + decoder to normal sky decoder and then back to the loft please help me, I am waiting to plaster and wife is going mad. Is it possible to list the equipment I need and a simple diagram. I have also fitted a mains supply to loft space

Miles Bidgood