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Thread: Intelligent Heating Control

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    Default Intelligent Heating Control

    Having ruled out underfloor heating as a viable option for specific rooms (see Mixed Radiator and Underfloor Heating) I am left with a much simpler system to consider: condensing combi and traditional radiators.

    I'm looking for some links/suggestions for selecting a heating control system that will marry with a condensing combi or a condensing combi that already has suitable controller modules.

    Most controllers are the usual 7-day (or 5+2) type where the normal pattern is 5 workdays plus weekend heating. Because I work from home a different type of control pattern is required - one that can be switched simply between 'working' usage and 'residential' usage; the latter being pretty much the same as traditional weekend usage. It just happens that work doesn't necessarily take place Mon-Fri - work can be on any day(s). The 'work' usage pattern requires a fewer number of rooms to be heated. What would be really useful is the ability to switch easily from one pattern/profile to the other without having to re-programme each time.

    I'm not averse to having one that interfaces to a network if that's the easiest way to set up and manage the profiles. Nor am I averse to having one that incorporates weather compensation.

    Any suggestions regarding control systems or combis geared towards this kind of operation?


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    Default Re: Intelligent Heating Control


    Don't know about the plumbing side of things but our system is well capable of handling the control complexity aspect. It will provide you with all the zoning, profiling, remote access features that you may require.

    Perhaps of relevance to your specific interest, one of our existing customers has a fairly complex underfloor heating system (see ), which our system controls amongst many other automation features.


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    Default Re: Intelligent Heating Control

    The perfect solution might be Honeywell's Hometronic Kit

    1) Its Radio based so won't involve chasing walls out and cables everywhere

    2) Has various Daily, weekly, vacation and personal setpoints can be set for each room.

    3) fully expandable so if you decide you want to automate some Lights, Blinds, Appliances at a later date you can add modules.

    4) Can be operated via a phone, so you could put your heating on as you drive home.

    5) A web interface has also just been developed, but to be honest I would reccomend the phone interface, just because most people have a mobile phone handy, not a PC

    6) Digital input modules are also available to interface into other kit for example alarm system. When the alarm is set your heating would go to set back.

    Its quite expensive though costing around 1000 for a basic system

    I can send you some prices and some example diagrams / schematics

    I can supply you with the equipment if you wanted to DIY install , I could also arrange commissioning.

    if your interested drop me a line.


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