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    Default Multi Room - Multi Source


    I want to wire my new house for sound from a central location with music stored on mp3/cd/dvd and fed to 3 or 4 zones minimum.

    I've found info on the Nuvo Simplese, Rossound, Opus Octupus but I'd like to hear ideas from you guys in the know...
    Not really interested in Wireless at the mo as the house is being wired with Cat5e/Cat6 cabling anyway and the extra cost involved in wireless is not worth it to me.

    Thanks from noob...


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    Default Re: Multi Room - Multi Source

    I know you said you didn't want to go the wireless route just yet. But have you looked at the Sonos system. The first one needs a hard wired connection to the PC with the mp3's on it.
    Another option would be to use several Showcenters either the 1000g or the newer 200 model. This can be used either wirelessly or via a cat5 cable. Using a cat5 network cable is better for viewing DVDs. You can run more than one Showcenter off the same server. I think it can handle upto 5 or 6, but I not too sure.

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    I would highly recomend the Speakercraft system.
    It is the best in its league.

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    Default Re: Multi Room - Multi Source

    Whilst the Sonos system can be wireless (after the first player) it can also be used with cat5. Which in all fairness is the best route to go If you are looking ultimately for multi-stream high quality music.

    The Sonos system, is relatively low-cost and very easy to expand. Itís the route I went down and very happy with my purchase.

    I currently have four players of which two are hardwired. The others are wireless due to their location and inability to run cat5 cable as itís a rented house. So very flexible, if you want to say pop a player outdoors for a party.

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