Found this forum and wanted to post about our new underfloor heating. We have recently fitted (in the last month) Electric Underfloor Heating, the results are fantastic. I was a bit concerned that it would not be suitable as a full heating system for the house - but thankfully I was very wrong.

We bought it from a Company called Handyheat who from the beginning were fantastic, very knowledgeable and helpful. I spoke to a few of the sales team and each one seemed to have a very good understanding of what would work best for me and results have proved them right. If they can ever read forums - many thanks guys and girls.

I ordered the system for the house and the next working day I received my order. Although I waited about 10 days for the Carbon Heating for the Wooden flooring areas. But this is a bespoke system and when I was told 10 days I was more than happy. The system was easy to fit although we called an electrician to fit the thermostats, but apart from that it was very painless. We considered a wet system but were told part of our floor was going to dug up to allow the water system to be fitted, no thanks!!

All in all we are now lovely and warm and have worked out the running costs and once again even the wife is happy. Sorry to go on but this stuff is fantastic.