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Thread: Wireless controlled radiator Valves

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    Default Wireless controlled radiator Valves

    I would like to know if this is possible.
    I have a couple of radiators that at the moment I turn on and off manually, when the central heating comes on, a real pain in the what not. So is there a rad valve that can be controlled wirelessly. The idea being that these rads can be turned on an hour or so after the central heating has come on.
    Ideally I would like some form of wireless controller that could interface into my Homevision controller. The valves would have to be battery operated.

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    Default Re: Wireless controlled radiator Valves

    Toscal, I have Hometronic system installed at home on 16 rads configured as 14 zones. They are all wireless controlled by Hometronic manager. It all works very well but it's not cheap. If you only want it for 2 rads then you can use CM67 RF zoning controller. The rest of the bits are the same (i.e. valves HR80 and boiler relay HC60NG). You can't actually turn the valve off but you change the valve temperature setpoint. Other good thing is that boiler only fires up if there is a need for heat depending on the position of the valve, so it's also quite efficient.

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