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Thread: Question about unit address "1" when using all Hou

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    Default Question about unit address "1" when using all Hou


    If I am using an all house codes transceiver and have it set to code "P" for all codes usage it seems that when I have a controllable appliance or lamp plugged into that transceiver it will respond to any "1" command i.e. A1, B1, C1 all seem to turn it on - is this right ?

    Effectively this means that all my other rooms or zones on codes other than A have to start with unit code "2"

    How do I make unit code 2!" available to all House codes independently ? Is the only way to do this to not have anything at all plugged into the TM13 when it is set to all codes "P" or have I got something wrong ?



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    Default Re: Question about unit address "1" when using all

    Hi RSK21,

    That is actually by design, and it sounds like the module is responding as it should.

    When the house code of the TM13 is set to P then the Appliance Module in the transceiver will always repond when any '1 address' is sent
    If it's set to a house code other than P then it will only respond when it receives a '1 address' on it's own house code.

    Hope that helps!
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