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Thread: Combined wireless/wired/DIY system?

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    Default Combined wireless/wired/DIY system?


    I never sorted out the controls at home, and now we're moving again and the new place really needs something. By the time I've fixed the boiler pipework it will be a fully pumped conventional system with independent control of heating and DHW. I will go for separate two-port valves rather than a three way valve for ease of external control.

    I definitely want optimised start for heating, and given the house layout I would like some zoning, but there's no chance of modifying the pipework to create separate zones. All that leads me to look at the Honeywell Evohome system, using the wireless heads on some of the radiators.

    I'm looking for other ideas though. For example the Evo system uses wireless relay modules and wireless cylinder thermostat which is a bit wasteful in my case because I can house all that in the hot water tank cupboard next to the boiler. I could even mount the programmer next to everything if I can do without it as a remote thermostat/sensor.

    Can the Evo system connect to anything other than by wireless? I guess I could wire a conventional cylinder stat inline with the DHW relay, so long as the Evo controller is happy not having a temperature readback.

    Looking more ambitiously, the bit I really want is the ability to use the HR80 radiator controllers. Are there any systems that could make use of them with a non-Honeywell programmer?

    Thanks in advance, Tony S

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    Just leave the HW wired with a conventional timer and control the CH separately. I have a standard CH & HW timer but leave the CH on permanently with a BDR91 relay installed in place of the original room thermostat. Thus there was little alteration to the wiring and the Evotouch controllers are free to turn the relay on and off to their hearts content along with the HR80's. Hence the Evotouch is CH Only. One day I will get around to changing the timer to a single supply type to control the HW only with the BDR91 wired directly to the CH live feed.

    You do need the wireless BDR91 relay to optimize the CH demand for the boiler. Otherwise the system will run needlessly if using a programmer instead.
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