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Thread: Harmony Dupline

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    Default Harmony Dupline

    Anybody any experience of the Harmony Dupline system, I am considering setting up a new system in my flat based on the above.

    Any opinions or hints?

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    Default Re: Harmony Dupline

    The course is good value (see thread entitled Harmony Dupline), they are currently bundling the starter kit in with the course.

    I went on the course yesterday, so my recomendation would be to have a play with the kit on a small scale and make sure that you understand how it works before going crazy. Perhaps rig up a small setup to switch on a light and connect to a PC running harmony to ensure that you don't have any problems.

    Simply Automate encourage people to give them a ring and will be more than happy to help. They told us on the course that if you ring up and they don't know what the answer is then they will find out.

    You could also post specific issues on this forum.

    Hope this helps - from a Harmony Dupline novice.

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