I have a pair of Swish Powerglyde curtain motors, a photo of which can be seen here... http://www.bdlhome.com/himages/spg.jpg

These were bought for me by another list member a couple of years ago, when I was trying to suss out what curtain control I was going to use, and these just happened to be part of a Homebase clear-out...

They are marked up as originally priced at 90 each, then reduced to 45 each, which is what I paid for them (plus the postage to send them to me...)

These are pretty darn heavy & sturdy-looking (and feeling) motors, - they certainly give the impression that they'd deal with just about any weight of curtains. They are the type that need to loop round the pull-cord. They aren't automated "per se", - they just plug into the mains (plug & lead is attached), but they do reverse direction on each power-cycle, so could be put on an appliance module to be controlled by X10. - Each X10 ON-OFF command sequence would open or close alternately.

Since I've now gone with a Silent Gliss setup, I don't need them anymore, - (I've never actually used them) - they are still sealed in their original blister packaging.

I only want what I paid for them, so 45 each plus buyer pays P&P to wherever they need sending, or I'm happy for buyer to drop round & collect from my house if preferred (East London).

I'm away on holiday now for a week, so I wont respond to any offers till I get back, but whan I return, first offer here secures...


Paul G.