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Thread: Simple xAP CID / xAP Desktop Tutorial?

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    Default Simple xAP CID / xAP Desktop Tutorial?

    I saw xAP desktop at UKHA2004 and was very impressed!

    Anyone from xAP (James?) like to post here a guide on how to set it up along with my Meteor CID box to report CID round the PCs on the LAN?



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    Default Re: Simple xAP CID / xAP Desktop Tutorial?

    I just posted this on the xap_automation list which shows how to display a incoming call on every slimp3 in the house which gives an introduction on how to do things in xAP. When Desktop is released there WILL be guides on how to do things like caller id / tv / weather from a point where you have no xAPps installed.


    A short howto on getting caller id on a slimp3 from a Pace Modem via xAP.

    To do this you will need 3 apps
    1,A caller ID app to get the information into xAP, in this case xAP Pace
    if you have a meteor then

    2,The Slim Server xAP connector from There are 3
    downloads for this either a windows service, a console app or a nice
    GUI. The Gui is a good start:

    3,A thingamy to connect the two apps. Now for this you could use
    homeseer, misterhouse and a few others but there is a little app
    dedicated for this purpose.
    Console version:
    Service Version:

    Now run the installer for all 3 apps, for the last two it doesn't matter
    on which PC you run them but the Pace app needs to be on the PC with the

    Configure it all
    The Pace app defaults to com1. If your modem is on com 2 then just run
    the app. If it's not then right click on the shortcut from the start
    menu, select properties and at the end of the target line after the "
    add a space then the number of the com port the modem is on. So if it's
    com 4 then the line will look like
    "C:\program files\xAP Pace\xappace.exe" 4

    The last thing to configure is the Slim Connector.
    If you downloaded the GUI version then in the GUI in the Slimserver
    configuration section enter the IP of the slimp3 server.
    If you downloaded the service version then open wordpad
    File>open and select files of type *.*
    Navigate to c:\program files\\xAP Slimserver connector\
    and open the file slimserverconnector.exe.config
    Find the line near the bottom that says
    <add key="SlimServer" value=""/>
    and put the IP of the server between the " of the value i.e.
    <add key="SlimServer" value=""/>

    All done
    Well not quite, you need all the apps to be running so make sure they
    are. If you installed service versions then start them up using Services
    in Administrative Tools from the Control Panel (or just reboot)

    Now call your phone and have the number appear everywhere!

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    Default Re: Simple xAP CID / xAP Desktop Tutorial?

    Thanks James

    Do you set the comm port in the same way for the Meteor version of the software?

    When is xAP Desktop ready for download?



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    Default Re: Simple xAP CID / xAP Desktop Tutorial?

    Mark, I have found that the link given above for the meteor connector was wrong. Patrick, in fact has the meteor application. I have wrapped that app up in an easy to install windows installer and written it all up in a guide to caller id and Desktop (see below)

    xAP Desktop is now available for download
    Download here
    Guides for setting it up here
    Guides for setting up caller id display here
    New to Desktop? Click here for an overview and screenshots
    This is the first public release of Desktop.It has been throughly tested for the last few weeks and already has a huge feature set and has been very stable, but I would expect over the next couple of weeks lots more features being added as it gets even more use! The best way of staying upto date is to join the xAP Yahoo group, this is also the best place to ask questions about Desktop or anything else xAP. All the xAP developers also watch this forum so feel free to post questions here too!

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