Hi guys, new here.
It surprised me that you are still thinking of the X10 system as the base of home automation.

I myself am a great fan of home automation, but I know as much to expect not a whole lot from an X10 system. The reason:
SLOOOOWWW... extremely slow. :wink:

With an X10 system you're going to have to wait around 10 minutes for 10 blinds to come down, and I'm not exaggarating! lol

I'm not trying to mock anyone's liking I'm just trying to inform you guys that there are other systems out there that use a cat5 cable for data transfer and are generally at least ten times faster than X10.
A good site to check for more information would be this one:


I found this a couple of days ago and you can find plenty of information in the different areas of home automation, explained detailed. There's also a free movie on home automation available. I've just ordered a copy for myself.
But in any case it gives you a general outlook on what else is out there.