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Thread: Need to Debug a Motorized Valve Problem

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    Default Need to Debug a Motorized Valve Problem

    I'm new to the heating system that's found in the property I rent. I'm suspicious of the Drayton MA1 valve. We often find ourselves without HW when the HW control is on and the CH control is off. I don't notice the indicator on the side of the valve in the HW position when I check. I have seen in other posts that there is a manual lever on the valve controller, but am unsure which of the two black plastic pieces is the one I should try. I don't wish to force it and possibly break it. I'm looking for some suggestions on how to narrow it down to the valve, and possibly a description of the valve's features.

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    Default Re: Need to Debug a Motorized Valve Problem

    yes, could possibly be faulty valve.
    do you have a room stat?
    will your timer switch heating only?
    do you have a cylinder stat?
    when you say you find yourself with no hot water, do you mean the boiler does not fire on water only?or is it diverting to central heating?

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    Default Re: Need to Debug a Motorized Valve Problem

    I have just found the same problem, I fitted my system approx 5 yrs ago, and unfortunately due house viewings have not yet resolved but offer the following from memory and post when resolved:
    1) the two black levers are 1 for removing head and second for moving valve postion
    2) when moving lever it is rather hard becuase you are pushing against spring pressure, but maintaining pressure it shouls move unless valve is jammed which initally mine appears to be.
    3) This should be repaired asap because if yours is doing the same as mine two things are happening 1) the heating also comes on although not selected and 2) If room thermostat is fitted then it does not control the heating
    4) MA1 Connections:
    4 - White - CH On
    7 - Grey - HW Off
    6 - Orange - Boiler Live & HW On
    N - Blue - Nuetral
    These can be checked with voltmeter to verify proper signals are getting to valve.
    5) Lever postions:
    W - Domestic Hot Water PorT B
    M - Both Water & Heating Ports A & B
    M Central Heating Port A
    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Need to Debug a Motorized Valve Problem

    Forget to Add, If you remove head you you should see the head lever moving as you change ch/hw mode if i remember, cannot remember how head removes yet, still have to empty airing cupboard,
    from instructions: "When to lever is moved to the right both outlet ports A & B are open, To open the valve, the manual lever should be moved from left to right across the valve and then pressed in when it is released it will lock in position, it automatically releases when power is applied to the valve.

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