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Thread: Potterton Profile 80e Boiler

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    Default Potterton Profile 80e Boiler

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the above boiler?

    It is approx. 9 years old.

    Basically, on this boiler it tries to fire up and you can hear the electrical switch cut out the cycle, it tries to fire up again, again and again and sometimes it takes 20 times to actually fire the boiler up.

    I have been told it could be the control board, does anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: Potterton Profile 80e Boiler

    I too have the same boiler with the same problem. Any ideas on what is wrong with it would help. I tried contacting Potterton service but since it is 10 years old they will not look at it - they only handle boilers up to 7 years old

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