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    I can see from your product list you have rgb device, but with HDTV Plasma/LCD availible & Sky-HD/DVD-HD availible, can you manufacture devices to sent digital signals via cat5 or HDMI Cable.

    I am just about to rewire my house due to extensions & decoration, and it seems pointless to sent anologe signals to my digital enabled devices.

    Any advise would be great.



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    Hi Skip,

    I dont own any HDMI kit so at the moment I cant really attempt any development work on HDMI. There is also the complexity of HDCP to contend with


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    The only way I have seen HD stuff distributed is over two cat5e cables.

    And, as Katman has said, the HDCP (Content protection) is going to be ackward to cope with officially.

    There are some products that cope with it 'un-officially' quite well though.

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