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    please could you tell me this - i have a ravenheat combi fanned boiler for just over 3 years and have had some problems i have been told by ravenheat that it needs an automatic bypass but the engineer from another company says that removing the thermostatic valve acts the same as a bypass is this true please help

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    in short, yes.

    Automatic bypass valve works on the pressure in heating circuit. Once that is reached it'll open and let the water circulate even if all TRVs are closed.

    On older systems that was achieved by leaving at least 1 radiator without thermostatic valve. It was usually the towel rail.

    On modern regulation systems like Hometronic, it's possible to only start the boiler and pump only when heat is needed (i.e. at least one of the thermostatic valves is open). It's possible to operate such system without automatic bypass valve but it's usually there anyway for added safety.

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