Just a headsup to anyone who might be interested in a
four zone ampflifier (rack mountable) I just put up on eBay.


I've used it for the past 8 months or so play music from a central
server to speakers around the house.

One thing to note is that although its 4 zone stereo input, its 4
zone mono output. To make a stereo output you have to use two (mono)
zones one for each channel. So you can think of it as 4 mono zone or
2 stereo (or even one stereo and 2 mono) zone amplifier This can
actually be very useful if you have a number of mono speakers (like
one in a bathroom , shower room or utility room) since the amp will
downmix a stereo signal to a mono signal for output to that speaker.
In this respect its a nice cheap way of driving 4 mono outputs from 4
stereo inputs.

Thanks for looking

Marcus 8)