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    I'm embarking on my first home automation project. Reading up on X10, there does seem to be some significant issues I'd get annoyed with. 1, reliability, 2, the delays in processing commands. These seem to be the drawbacks of this rather old technology.

    I've been looking for some viable, by which I mean mains line communication and not too pricey alternatives that are available to us here in the UK, and I can across a few. X10 (2), A10, and PLC-BUS. Of these PLC-BUS seems the best. Better reliability, much faster, status notifications, signal strentgh indications etc, at least, according to what I've read. There is even X10 compatibility. The price, for UK kit anyway, seems similar to other x10 kit.

    I only came across PLC-BUS via ebay today, and a few searches not thrown up nearly as much info as there is for x10. Has anyone here used this technology? I could'nt find ay posts mentioning it on here.

    Any opinions?



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    I belive that PLC-BUS is a new proprietory standard that is coming out of China, with the hardware being different to X10 but being housed in the same cases as the new "2G" appliance modules.

    However, its not know how far the standard will propegate and you may find yourself reverting back to standard X10 modules for things that are not available in PLC-BUS.

    I would urge you to try X10 before you make your decisions, as it isnt too expensive and you can always re-sell your modules if you are not happy with performance.

    In our house, which is a 4 bedroom detached built in the 60s with some older style wiring (wire fuses rather than RCDs, etc) there have never been any issues with reliability, which I had expected due to the older wiring.
    The slight delay when processing can be a little annoying at times, but most of the time you have lights and appliances running on macros, so a half-second delay does not even get noticed once the system is up and running.

    If you do go with PLC-BUS, let us know how you get on!
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    I've used X10 for quite a few installs now, and so far haven't really had any problems with it. In my house I have 2 appliance modules, 10 lighting modules, and a couple of X10 command transmitters (hardwired type not wireless) and a TM13(wireless X10 transciever). And apart from a few teething problems with programming the software haven't had any other problems. I use a HomeVision controller as the brains. Things I have done though is to put a wholehouse X10 filter at the consumer unit, to filter unwanted noise comming into the house and prevent X10 signal leaving the house. I also have a whole house surge protector as well in the consumer unit. None of my appliances(Dishwasher, washing machine etc.) have any kind of local filtering except for my audio visual equipment which is connected to a surge/power filter. The computers are also connected to their own surge/power filters.
    My noise levels range from 75mV to about 135mV and my X10 signals range from 1.5V to 4.5V.
    As for the delays in command processing its not that bad and quite acceptable.

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    Using here PLC-Bus since a couple of months and really satisfy about it. If you seeking for a good reliable system, then is PLC-Bus a good candidate.

    PLC-Bus is a very realible system (>99.98%) and works in 0.3 seconds (40 times faster then X10). Signal is stronger, you don't need any repeaters anymore, 2-Way Communications with Remote status & noise level status reportings and 64.000 addresses. PLC-Bus is compatible with X10, CeBus and LonWorks.

    PLC-Bus is designed by ATS Ltd. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Big companies as Philips, Microsoft, IBM, KPN, Nokia, Motorola, HP, DELL, IBM, Siemens and Intel has signed a agreement with ATS Ltd. to use PLC-Bus in there consumer electronics. Philips is coming soon with 'Smart Lighting' which is based on PLC-Bus. A Chinese company in Shanghai (S-10) is producing now plug-in modules with PLC-Bus inside.

    I believe that PLC-Bus has the future because it's supported by the big companies in the world. I live in Asia and see already a lot of applications using PLC-Bus... they even test entire appartments compounds with this new technology in cooperation with big companies as Dell, Philips, Microsoft, etc... security, internet, door access, lighting, etc... all controlled and connected to eachother by PLC-Bus

    just my 2 cents...

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