I see that it has been briefly mentioned above, but I'll re-iterate, - the Comfort system (www.comfort.org.uk) is absolutely *the* most interfacable (is that a word?) alarm panel there is. It absolutely WILL do everything you want. I already have mine talking to a PC using RS232 using software that I partly wrote myself. The Comfort RS232 protocol is fully documented, easy to understand, easy to code with. It is possible to fit multiple RS232 ports to a Comfort panel (up to 8 of them) in order to communicate with several off-board systems. There is also a dedicated hardware webserver module available, so realtime browser access is possible. There's also a GSM module, so notification can be achieved by SMS text messages to a mobile phone. Not to mention comfort also does full notification via voice to any kind of phone (it phones you up and tells you what's going on). Alternatively you could interface via the switchable outputs provided (minimum of 8 outputs available), which can be either 12VDC outputs, or dry contact closures via a relay board which then can be connected to a variety of external devices to signal events.

Currently, my Comfort panel sends me an email every time the system is armed or disarmed from any of its security modes, telling me the date, time, what mode it changed FROM, what mode it chanhed TO, and in te case of a disarm, WHO disarmed it, - in the case of an arm it tells me what method (usually what keypad) was used. I could very easily set up email alerts for alarm triggers as well, but I think that email is too slow & unreliable a means for alarm reporting. - Plus in the case of an alarm it rings me on my mobile, tells me what's happening, and lets me listen in to the house all within a very short time after the alarm trigger.

I say again, if you really want to achieve this level of reporting, with established and documented communication interfaces (Comfort is designed to be open to end user communication as a built-in feature, whereas many lesser systems that supposedly have RS232 interfaces often have them for "restricted uses" only, and end-user access to such ports is often a "hack"), then you will not do better than to go for Comfort. I would urge you to reconsider your options if you haven't already purchased your panel. - You will also find a *huge* wealth of information and help both here and in the Comfort Yahoo group that should make instalation & configuration very straightforward.

Paul G