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    Default Active Home Pro Software

    Hey I just found a deal for active home pro software for $30. Does anyone use this? I wondering if I should buy it, but Im not sure if it will work on my mac. Check it out at

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    Just had a look at the link you gave. Its not for the ActiveHomepro software but rather for the normal ActiveHome. It states on the page "100% Compatible with Activehome Pro - You can use all of these components with an existing Activehome Pro System, or upgrade to Activehome Pro later. It's easy!." So you are not getting the ActivePro software.
    Also the A10 components will only work in the US. And the software will not work on your MAC.

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    nocholibre - I notice your post was made from an IP address that resolves to

    I assume you work for X10?


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    The usual shabby practice I've come to expect from X10.

    Sorting out your existing uk products, especially the *very* unreliable CM12 but be more of an advertisement for X10 products.

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