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Thread: USB Extenders

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    Default USB Extenders

    I want to use my usb webcam at some distance from my laptop. I've sourced a USB extender ( that looks OK. Has anyone used something like this and had success? It is only a USB 1.1 which might not be fast enough fort this application.

    Or are there ay other ways in which I can do this. :lol:


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    Default Re: USB Extenders

    [I just spotted this was posted in the Z-wave forum, maybe it's better off in General Discussion? :-)]

    What USB speed can your webcam support? And do you need high frame rates? IIRC quite a few webcams are/were USB 1.0/1.1 anyway...

    One alternative would be a network video camera (IP camera). The Axis ones are pretty good, have a look at:
    and look at the 206, 207 & 207W models for something equivalent to a webcam.



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