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    Wondeing if someone can help. I downloaded trial version of Homeseer 2 a couple of weeks ago and the expiry period is looming, so I've decided to purchase (easy decision reealy). Anyone know where I can purchase the unlock codes, I dont seem to be able to do it directly from homeser (US users only, it wont accept foreign Credit cards).


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    I have bought several licenses from them every time for me. I am in Scotland...

    They are a friendly bunch at Homeseer, so I would email them, or raise a support ticket.

    You will not regret the purchase.... but I would suggest you look around you right now... would you recognise the top of a slipepry slope? You are at one right now.... your life will never be the same...


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    Try Intellihome at they sell the Homeseer software. They are currently selling it for 199,95 Euro about 136 pounds with shipping free. What you get is an actual CD rather than just the unlock codes. Whenever I've ordered from them it normally takes 2 days.

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