Help I need to re-organise my TV/Sky distribution.

Currently I have the uhf & 2 x sky dish feeds to a downstairs sky+ box. This then connects to my main TV on one output, the other goes to a boostster/amp - 2 outputs go to the loft & each one is split into two to feed 4 TVs.

I was thinking of the following:

uhf & new Radio/Dab aerial to loft box.
2 x sky dish feeds to sky box (no change)
output of sky+ to loft box
all 5 tv's fed by loft box
Splitter at main tv end to feed radio tuner/hifi

of course main tv is also connected to skybox by scart.

In short I'm looking for the best way of connecting using the existing cables - from the loft I have 2 coax runs to the main room and one to each of the 4 bedrooms. The 2 cables from the sky dish go direct to the main room. I intend to add a fm/dab aeiral in the loft.


<edit> have 3 coax runs to main room