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Thread: hi newbie alert...have just brought this?

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    Default hi newbie alert...have just brought this?

    hi have just got this link below
    hope the link works ok.
    can anyone help me.ive now set it up on xp home edition with sp2.downloading updates as i the first picture of the link it show a media centre called k1(or something) media centre.has anyone hear of this or heard of anything that does sucha thing such as curtains,lighting,alarms system etc?where can i get it from? i wont be needing everything as of yet but i do want to run video and mp3's of of it onto my large plasma and home stereo.touch screen is working perfectly.aparently it is made by micri industries and the model number is 9500095 but apart from that i cant tell you anymore about it but i would love to know and learn i say i am a newbie but want to learn more about home automation so any help will be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: hi newbie alert...have just brought this?


    Not sure what you're wanting to achieve, but people tend to use the phrase home automation to mean many things. I have installed the system from IDRATEK ( and this really is true automation, most things (apart from the cat) in my home is automated - I can contact via email, internet, mobile phones, landlines and it does the same to me.

    Have at look at their Applications for ideas and see if they are things you are looking for. They don't do AV distribution, but I use their kit to switch different speakers depending where I am. Cortex is something else ...

    Kitted my whole place for <1500 and it does lighting, heating, security, infact everything I need. Should have seen th einsurance mans face when he came to assess the security system for insurance purposes, infact I showed it to him when the system captured him on entry and emailed it to my phone 8O


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    Default Re: hi newbie alert...have just brought this?

    Take a looking at these websites

    I had a 7" touchscreen LCD hooked up to my pc running Xp pro. I used to use Main Lobby from cinemar online to talk to my homeseer software via a pluging. Main Lobby is very good and is fully customizable, with buttons and graphics that change depending on status. I had set it up with a floor plan of my house. And you just touched the room you wanted to control and a secondary menu popped up with the things you could control. Looked very very cool. Main Lobby is very easy to set up and you don't really need to know anything about programming to get it going. Though some programming knowledge is a bonus.
    The only reason I changed to a none PC solution was that my PC kept crashing after about 3 or 4 days of being on all the time, this was eventually traced to a cooling problem.

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    Default Re: hi newbie alert...have just brought this?

    Our CQC is another option in the software based category. It combines the functionality of HS and ML into one, tightly integrated system. So it is more robust and all designed to work as one system. And it usually ends up costing considerably less since you aren't buying two separate systems.

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