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Thread: Broken underfloor heating

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    Default Broken underfloor heating

    My underfloor heating has been down 40 years plus and now one of the circuits has broken. I understand that rather than digging up the whole lounge concrete floor there is a tool which can locate breakages in the wiring. Does anybody know of anyone who can do this for me. I live in the north east of England, near Middlesbrough.

    Please help

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    Default Re: Broken underfloor heating

    When I bought my underfloor Heating I often asked advice from A guy called Andy from Handyheat pretty good seen as it has been down for 40 years, hope mine lasts as long - I do have a lifetime guarantee with mine which is a bonus.

    I would suggest if you asked them nicely they would point you in the right direction. I found my installer off this site.

    :wink: Hope this helps you out

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