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Thread: Surge protector that works well with X10?

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    Default Surge protector that works well with X10?


    Basically I've got an CM12U, and I want to use my HTPC to control the lighting as well. My HTPC and all the home cinema equipments are on a Belkin surge protector at the moment, and the CM12U doesn't seem to be able to pass X10 signal through the surge protector.

    Unfortunately there is only one wall power outlet nearby, so I can only plug the surge protector in. And because of how it'd look (i.e. ugly) and the lack of space, I do not want to put an extension lead in with a CM12U and a surge protector connected to it.

    So, does anyone know which surge protector works well with X10 that I should change to?

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Surge protector that works well with X10?

    I'm using one of the 10 way towers that also has surge protection and that allows X10 to pass through. I have an appliance plugged into it to control a lamp.

    Mine is quite close to the CM12 so before you buy another perhaps you should move your Belkin closer to the CM12 just to test it.

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