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Thread: Pilot light Help!!!

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    Default Pilot light Help!!!

    Hi my auntie has a maine mersy(super) boiler (not sure i spelt it correctly)It seems that everytime the washing machine is used it causes the pilot light to go out? is this linked? what can it be,it was serviced recently ,didnt seem to bad before,the guy said there may be some safety thing in the washing machine making it go out?I am a sparky not a boiler expert,not sure i believe the service guys story tho,surely its more likely to be something do do with the flow rate/pressure sensors or something? would the guy of changed the thermo couple on a service?anyway i know nothing about boilers so ill leave it to you experts to hopefully give me some much appreciated ponters!


    ps we are reluctant to get the service guy back as we have had probs before!

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    i'd take the hot hose off the back of the washing machine and take out the restrictor.the small amout of water going through the heater is causing the overheat stat to kick in.

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