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Thread: malfunction on central heating

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    Default malfunction on central heating

    Hi There,

    I have read all the posts and trawlled many sites but have failed to find any answers to the following,

    the heating sytem works fine ( turns on & off at the right times)
    Fires up the boiler and heats every rad .but.....
    the hot water part dose not work,
    The heating controller Timer lights up, The motorized valve moves the spring,...but the boiler fails to fire
    I have checked the valves and these do open and close when the controller sends on and off signals(motorized honywell 2 way units)
    nb when i have the CH on then i also have hot water.
    so would i be looking at replacing the controller or some other part of the system.
    If it was a PC i could fix it.....but it aint...!

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    Default Re: malfunction on central heating

    If the Hot Water does not work by itself then it could be one of two things - either a faulty switch in the hot water valve acuator or a faulty cylinder stat. When every thing is working the programmer switches the valve open and when the valve reaches the end of it's travel it closes a switch in the actuator that is wired in series with the tank stat and boiler. So if the switch closes and the tank stat is calling then the boiler should fire. So if you can find the wiring diagram for your tank stat and valve actuator you should be able to test where the problem lies.


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